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Why does ATI choose Slick Products?

While ATI is sponsored by Slick, this post is simply an expression to you as to why ATI chooses this brand and has chosen this brand for the last several years. This is not a paid advert nor any type of scheduled advertisement, but more a testament to the brand. Upon a recent re-order I received an email that showed how rad this brand is and how much they stand behind their products.

The section that really stood out to me in this email was:

"Slick Products is more than just premium cleaning products designed for motorsport vehicles. It's a cleaning experience designed to inspire and motivate you to work toward a higher standard of presentation, quality, and performance."

 ATI Clothing Kawasaki KX 125


This reminded me of growing up and how important it was for me to have a clean bike. I actually enjoyed cleaning my bike, whether it was after a long day of practice or a day at the races. Dust or mud. Cleaning my bike was something I liked and my father "encouraged" me to do this as well because it meant you are taking care of your stuff. It meant you took pride in it. I can hear it now, "Son, you gonna let that thing sit like that?"

Honestly, I loved showing up at the tracks and unloading a shiny clean bike. As most do now, completely cleaning the bike in between motos was a must for me too. Call it what you want but it was a confidence boost, it showed I meant business. I wasn't showing up to play games.

If you follow us on social media you'll see how often we post about "a clean bike is a happy bike." I feel that carries over into everything. Dirt bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, hell even automobiles. All of my toys get cleaned on a regular basis, not only to take care of them and take pride in them, but you also get to stand back and admire them when you're done.

So remember, it's just as much fun cleaning your toys as it is getting them dirty. They will thank you for it too.


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