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Flashback of the Week: Cute

It's that time most of you know it's Friday so this is the point of the week where we flash it back a few years.
This week....ah yes...TBS...Taking Back Sunday was and is one of our favorite bands. Taking this all the way back to around 2002! This song was one of the songs that hooked many on the band from their first full length album in 2002 with Victory Records "Tell All Your Friends"
In late 2001, Taking Back Sunday hardly planned for “Cute Without The ‘E’” to end up as a single. “I don’t think we had any concept that any song we wrote for that record would ever be a single at all when we were writing, or even after the record was done,” admits guitarist/co-vocalist John Nolan. “Our buddy Christian Winters was doing videos. At that time, it was a less of an ‘Oh, this one will be the single’ and more of a ‘Hey, do you want to make a video?’ kind of thing. And it just happened to be that song,” adds singer Adam Lazzara. - Alternative Press
Anyway, I'm sure most of you have heard this at least once, so have some nostalgic action if you for some strange reason don't still have this on a playlist. Enjoy....Go!...Stop reading...Go!
(C) 2002 Another Victory/ Taking Back Sunday
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