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Flashback of the Week: Flagpole Sittin'

Here we go! Flashback time! Everyone ready? Good!

So.....honestly forgot about this song until recently, and then quickly remembered how awesome this song was in the 90's.

Released in 1998, the song apparently appeared at #38 on the Hot 100 which it could be argued that you would assume it was much higher. This song was played in the movie American Pie, but for some reason it was said that it wasn't included on the DVD release? Then there were some law suits, etc, etc....point is the song is good and it has probably been blasted through your speakers at some point or another. If it hasn''s about to be.

It was labeled as "power pop" from MTV, but then again who really listens to MTV for any musical advice? Is MTV still a thing?

ANYway....digression avoided....Enjoy Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta'

 Copyright. Harvey Danger. (We do not claim to own any part of this video.)

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