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On The Web: Red Bull Rampage 2015 - Kurt Sorge GoPro

If you have never witnessed the chaos that is Red Bull Rampage, take a look at this GoPro footage from Kurt Sorge's winning run at this years event!

These guys spend an entire week working on lines, building, digging, carving, and finally taking to the mountain for their runs. Guinea pigging these jumps and drops would be SO intense.

When you get to the :16 mark of this video, feel free to pause and take a look at how vertical this line is. The stuff these guys accomplish is amazing and the envelop continues to be pushed. Major props to all of the competitors this year and we wish the ones who were injured well!

 Copyright, Red Bull, GoPro. (We do not own this footage.)

To watch the full event, click here: Red Bull Rampage

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