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Flashback of the Week: Inside Out

Here we are again for another installment of nostalgia! Decided to hang around the 90's a little longer with this one. In 1998 you could hear this song on what seemed like every radio station you could find for a period of time.

This was alternative rock at this time...we have listened to some XM stations claiming to be "alternative" or "alt" and really scratch our heads at what is being played...but then again it makes the choice to stop listening to the radio like 10 years ago even more valid and easy.

Digression aside, this song was huge and I'm sure most of you heard it but maybe haven't in years? This thing was on the top of the charts for a total of four weeks beating out "Iris" from the GooGoo Dolls...which if you know this era that song was insanely popular. Then spent some odd 9 weeks at number 2 with "Iris" and "One Week" getting it.

That'll tie into another flashback at a later date but for now....ENJOY!!


"Eve 6 Official Video "Inside Out"" We do not own any of this.

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