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Flashback of the Week: Part Uno


We are going to start a little segment of "Flashbacks" every week on Fridays for you guys. We will be posting multiple forms of Flashbacks that have inspired us, some of it will show what helped shape who we are, some of it can be just rad shit that we like and hope that you will too. It works on social media, so we are bringing it to you here! Prepare yourselves for a little nostalgia coming your way!

For this first installment of "Flashback of the Week", we are posting a music video from the band Finch.

How many of you remember this from the early 2000s? If you didn't jam the hell out of this, feel free to dive in now, you might just thank us later. This song has been part of our playlists since it's origination, maybe it will become part of yours..enjoy....

(We do not own or claim to own any part of this material, and Finch has no affiliation with ATI. Copyright Geffen Records 2002.)



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