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New Jersey SX Adventure

MetLife Stadium
      We (I) decided last minute this year to attend the East Rutherford round of Monster Energy Supercross after dealing with a little sickness throughout the week. Last year was such a good time that it just made sense to try and make it up for the event. Had some issues Friday afternoon and just decided to sleep one more time before the weekend and leave late that night. I figured that the afternoon rest would offset the lack of sleep that was about to take place the next couple of days.
      Getting on the road just after midnight, and originally thought this wouldn't be so bad without all of the day time traffic. I was QUICKLY reminded of one of the things that sucked the most about last year, and that was the amount of tolls on this route. WHY are there so many tolls from DC to New York, it is literally insane....OH and be careful if you are using a GPS on your way, because last year the GPS directed us around a toll booth and then we received a letter in the mail saying we didn't pay ( THAT was fun.) After some phone calls, apparently this happens to people all the time and I still had to pay the fine....NEVERTHELESS...I made damn sure not to listen to my GPS this year and continued to make the way up north.
      On the drive, I realized that it was going to be super late arriving into the area. Matt from MXPTV was staying about an hour away and I needed to acquire a sink for the morning (long story.) I finally was able to get in contact with ATI family member Scotty Clark and he and his girl (Angela) graciously allowed me to use up their floor. We organized how this would go down and I arrived into the room just before 6am, let me just say it did not take long for me to pass out. I was up and back at it at around 8 to head to the track for the day.
Tyler Wozney : Golden Tyre
After getting to the track I was finally able to meet up with the MXPTV guys and catch up a little at the Golden Tyre rig. I won't even get into the morning at the stadium, I will just say that it is unbelievable at the security at this event. Last year was bad, but they definitely stepped it up this year that was for sure. The racing was on point though, and it was nice to settle in and catch all the action. Saw our guy Tony Archer take a nasty fall after he was feeling good all day and had some really good speed, the dude is a beast though and got right up and despite all of that had such an awesome ride in Vegas. It was also definitely cool to see Eli Tomac take that win, and I mean, what can you say about Red Bull KTM's Marvin Musquin. He was definitely on a different level this season and it's going to be awesome watching him in outdoors.
Eli Tomac : Monster Energy Supercross
Thanks for reading and keep checking back with us for some more adventures this summer for the outdoor nationals!
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