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NEWS: Vurbmoto - "The Wolf of All Streets" - The Journey Begins

Our dude Miles Atkinson and Ezra Hastings packed up their stuff to travel the country riding their dirt bikes where ever they could. Eric Shirk and Vurb Moto is keeping up with the guys and here is the first Installment of the cross-country trip! Enjoy!

"Some of you may remember the name Ezra Hastings (@ehastings51), due to the fact that last year this young man ran a three digit number at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch to honor his best friend, and fallen rider: Austin Mincey. Well, since then, Ezra has been training hard to follow his dream of becoming a professional motocross racer with the help of his trainer, Wolf Training Academy (@wolftrainingacademy), run by Miles Atkinson (@matkinson36). 

Recently, Ezra Hastings and Miles Atkinson have decided to go on a tour of the United States racing and riding anywhere they can possibly stop at including Washington, Indiana, Southern California, and even Las Vegas, Nevada. You can’t go with them? Well, that’s perfectly okay, because Miles is going to keep you up to date with a series of blogs as they make their way across the country! So, without further ado, allow me to present to you the first installment of, “The Wolf of All Streets”!

Well let's see, the journey has just begun with the WW Ranch Loretta Lynn’s qualifier for the southeast, but before that it has already been a long year due to injuries for Ezra and myself. Ezra had a gnarly crash at the first Winter AM at Gatorback on New Years and suffered a broken collar bone — which put him out for about a month. I suffered another damn torn ACL at the Reddick Loretta Lynn’s Qualifier. So, I thought I was out for a good while which sucks because I was 2 weeks away from heading to Sweden and racing for ESS Yamaha over there. That would of been awesome, but I knew that was out of the question when I felt that familiar pop in my knee. It’s been about a month now and I haven’t had surgery, so I am now riding again because a dirtbike is the only thing that keeps me sane.

Photo: Barnett MX Photography
Photo: Barnett MX Photography

I have been training kids here in the heart of Florida at all of the premier training tracks just to keep my foot in the door with motocross. I just can’t get away. I’m glad I didn’t step away, because some great opportunities have come about. I made it official with Wolf Training Academy based out of Clermont, Florida to help build future racers and motocross lovers! With the start of the business I’ve opened up the door for a future in the sport for riders and myself. I may now be a “trainer” but I’m still going to build on my own motocross career as well. I’ve always been known for style on the bike, so now that’s what I’m going with! Now, with Ezra and myself, we have started with this trip to help benefit both of us! 

The trip, like I said, started off at WW Ranch Friday. Practice was awesome. The track was so sick! Ezra and myself absolutely loved the track and we went out for every practice. He couldn’t wait for race day. Even though I’m not racing right now due to my knee, Ezra did well enough for the both of us under Wolf Training "Academy! The first moto he was on his way to a win, but bobbled towards the end of the race (which I have a photo of haha) and ended up third in Supermini and second in Schoolboy 1. Then the second motos Ezra got a second in Supermini and his 125 blew up in Schoolboy. For the overalls, he got second and eighth, so he qualified in both classes on Saturday then Sunday got a second overall in Supermini 2. With a solid month of training he looks really good on the bike.

Now the trip takes us up to Indiana to pick up the sprinter. We will basically be living for a month to travel and do what we love! Then it’s off to Arenacross in Spokane, Washington for Ezra to see what he can do out there on his supermini in the dominator class, as well as the other classes on his 125. Then we head south to Glen Helen for the World Minis, then back up to Tacoma, Washington for another round of Arenacross, then back south to fresno for another Arenacross, then we head to Las Vegas for the final to win a title! However, some of the best parts of the trip will be us riding at all the premier spots in California. 

We are going to be riding with Plessinger, Parsons, Lano, and hopefully many more. Also, we’re going to the JT USA center to check out their “shindig”. We will be doing many, many badass things with our travels of the country. I’m going to have a GoPro to document the entire trip for you! I can’t wait to go throw some massive whips in the hills, Beaumont, and anywhere else with the best in the world! I haven’t looked forward to something like this in a long time! Hopefully this opens up a huge door for Ez’ and me both!" - Eric Shirk: Vurb Moto

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